Agricultural and Stockbreeding Insurances

Damages caused by natural disasters that may occur in agricultural activities of countries and that are uncontrollable in spite of technological advancements are covered by means of agricultural insurances. Agricultural sector is a line of business producing convenience goods of a country; therefore its strategical value has a great importance. Agricultural sector defined as an “outdoor factory”, is a sector group that is affected by natural, economic, social and personal risks most.

NART Brokerlık stands by farmers and producers with its expert staff that are experienced in all sub-branches such as Herbal Product Insurance, Greenhouse Insurance, Livestock Insurance, Poultry Insurance, Ovine Life Insurance, Aquaculture Insurance and Beekeeping Insurance and that consists of agriculture engineers.

In all sub-branches of Agricultural Insurances, we offer service with State-Funded Agricultural Insurances via TARSİM within the scope of Law on Agricultural Insurances dated 14.06.2005 and no.5363 and we provide coverage from abroad for all risks that are out of the scope of State-Funded System pursuant to regulation.

State-Funded Agricultural Insurances are agricultural insurances that producers registered to Farmer Registry System (FRS) within Ministry of Agriculture and Stockbreeding can utilize. We provide coverage with 50% state support against all damages and losses occurring as a result of disaster, disease and accidents in herbal products, greenhouses, poultry, bovine and ovine animals or aquaculture.

Through “Hail Insurance” we recover the losses in quantities (decrease in yield) directly caused by hails in products grown in such outdoor areas as vineyard, garden and fields and in greenhouses.

If you wish, we can offer supplementary coverage against loss of quality and frost risk in fruits and vegetables.

Herbal Product Insurances provides coverage for such risks as loss of quality, flood and inundation occurring as a result of hail, frost, storm, hurricane, fire, landslide, earthquake on your products grown in such outdoor areas as vineyard, garden and field. Greenhouse Insurances secures your products grown in greenhouses against such risks as hail, storm, hurricane, fire, landslide, earthquake, flood and inundation.

Bovine Animal Insurances (feeder or dairy cattle) secures your bovine animals against such risks as death, obligatory slaughter, miscarriage or calf death while Ovine Animal Insurances and Poultry Insurances secure your animals against death or obligatory slaughter and suchlike events.

Aquaculture Insurances secure your aquaculture against material losses you encounter as a result of all kinds of death and physical losses due to natural disasters, accidents, predators, algae explosion and pollutions and poisoning beyond control of your breeder.

NART Brokerlık acts in an ambitious and high quality service concept in identification and insurance of risks, and management of claims processes in all sub-branches of agricultural insurances through its central offices and regional directorates

For further information and insurance application, you can contact the nearest Nart office.