Risk Management and Insurance Services in Construction Sector

Construction investments continuing in an increasing trend inland and abroad in recent years bring with them new and variable risks. Whether investment decisions made by the employer, or design decisions applied by architects and engineers or economic decisions proposed by investment Experts; each bring with it many responsibilities including legal responsibilities with respect to every section and stage of construction activities, source and consequences of risks.
Our purpose is to keep risk factors in all your construction and enterprise activities ranging from purchase to sales strategies of your enterprise under control economically and in a way not to contradict with your profitability targets.
Dimensions of our service scope,
1. a. Identification and assessment of risks,
2. b. Evaluation of such alternatives as prevention of risks, transferring them to 3.parties or retaining them,
3. c. Developing the most suitable insurance programs for your projects.
4. d. Analysis of insurance purchase costs.
5. e. Claims Consultancy.
We desire to inform you, our investors carrying on business in construction sector, on the risks that you may encounter during the processes below in line with the abovementioned risk analysis studies.
• Construction & Installation All Risks Insurance
• 3. Party and Product Financial Liability Insurance
• Employer Financial Liability Insurance
• Professional Liability Insurance
• Political Risks
• Manager Liability
We provide service in substantial part of the market through our deep and long-lasting business relationships with Construction companies offering service in the market in Turkey. Our officials will present you our references.
Again, we would like to state our desire to visit you along with our expert staff in order to give you further information relating to our abovementioned services.