What is Credit Insurance?

Nowadays, risks encountered by business world are becoming more complex and critical as Commerce is globalized.

A very successful business connection of today may appear as a receivable that is not paid later and even endanger the existence of your company.

There is no 100% warranty that established markets or your trusted main clients can give you in trade with regard to their continuity ever, and unfortunately, this won’t happen.

A commercial crisis, even a bankruptcy or payment difficulty faced by your clients may reduce your profitability in short term as well as endangering the presence of shareholders in long term.

Credit Insurance is a product prepared to protect an enterprise from such risks which may be too dangerous.

Advantages of Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance offers significant advantages to reduce probable negative impacts on business flow of your enterprises in consequence of being unable to collect receivables:

  • Risk Management;

– Tracking and control of companies

  • Regular tracking system on creditors

– Cash flow

– Collection of debt

  • Collection Management:

– Debt collection in pais

– Debt tracking through legal procedures

– Attachment proceedings

  • Protection against commercial and political risks
  • Protection against exchange rate
  • Large scaled receivable management solutions specific to all business segments and client sizes
  • Electronic Rating and Intelligence Services:

– You may apply to our online pool system containing the information of around 40 million companies, you may request for a credit limit for companies with whom we are going to establish commercial business relationship or obtain information about a company with whom you consider business relationship.

  • Collection of Doubtful Receivables in International or Local Markets (Debt Collection):

– Undertaking debt and collection load of all clients whether they are within the scope of insurance or not and who carry on business locally or internationally.