Dear Insured,

When a claim occurs, notify us without delay.

To do this;

  • You can contact us by calling the phone number 0850 724 63 00,
  • You can send the following information to e-mail,

You can notify us your claim by filling in claim notification form. Click here to review the form.

The information listed below will be requested from  you at claim notification stage:


  • Policy and agency number,
  • Phone number of the notifying person,
  • Name, surname, trade name of the insured,
  • Date of claim,
  • Estimated amount of the claim,
  • Reason of the claim,
  • Street address and phone number of the place to be assessed,
  • E-mail address.
  • party information if 3. party claim and T.R. Identification Number/Tax Number
  • IBAN Number

If you need immediate help in time of claim, then notify the claim agent of this case.

Our agent will organize the help you need immediately.

You must definitely check your file number to be sent to you when you notify us a claim. This file number will be used in all correspondences and calls. Knowing your file number will provide great convenience to you and accelerate your transactions in the process until payment of your claim.

Provide the claim documents we will request from you as soon as possible and send your claim file number by giving reference.

You should take all kinds of precautions to reduce the claim the moment you are informed of the claim.

Please follow the instructions completely if an expert is assigned for assessment of your claim.

If you have a question and in order to learn the situation of your file, contact us by calling the phone number 0850 724 63 00 or send an e-mail to