Directors and Ofiicers Liability  Insurances

As size of a company grows in business world, responsibility of that company against all peripheral sectors apart from the sectors in which it offers service also grows. Today, this responsibility network is growing faster than expected. Enterprises may be exposed to unexpected damages as a result of mistakes in decision-making procedures while they are trying to proceed without facing an obstacle in these responsibility and risk networks. There are managers and employers at the center of decision making procedures.

Managers and employers may cause the enterprise to enter into financial obligations due to wrong decisions and applications, as well as loss of goodwill financial dimension of which cannot be seen at the first stage. These losses will also cause financial problems later.

NART Sigorta ve Reasürans Brokerliği A.Ş. analyses its insurance plans and risk management services created against these fast-growing risks in all sectors all around the world via its international partners. Today, in a world where a new company scandal come to be encountered, customer oriented service approach achieves to secure living qualities of all enterprises in prevention or recovery of such problems.