About Us

NART, carries on business in Risk management world with its 6 service units below.

  • NART Corporate Solutions Elementary Branches
  • NART Human Resources Solutions Health, Life, Personal Retirement Branches
  • NART Individual and Commercial Solutions
  • NART Re
  • NART
  • NART Risk Management Academy
  • NART Risk Engineering Services units

NART Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage carrying on business in 120 countries with 100 Risk Experts in Turkey and  more than 20.000 through partners worldwide, offering service to 60.000 individual and corporate clients in our country, was established in 1999 by Turkish Risk Management and Insurance world Levent NART having international management experience for over 25 years in insurance sector. NART achieved many breakthroughs that can be considered as “innovation” in Turkish Risk Management and Insurance world.

  • NART Consultative Board“ under the leadership of Chairman Yavuz Canevi, members of which are composed of local and international company executives,
  • Meetings of NART Risk Management Forum bringing together representatives of different sectors and Risk Management world and becoming traditionalized for 6 years,
  • Product Liability insurance being the first call-back insurance in our country,
  • Advanced loss of profit” insurance regarding delay of completion time of construction and installation following a claim of Energy and Construction risks,
  • The first “art insurance” in Turkey; NART Plus,
  • The first “professional liability insurance” specific to Gynecologists in our country; Jinerisk
  • The first magazine introduced by a Broker to our media; Risk&Life
  • The first 24/7 applied Call Center service in Turkey,
  • The first electronic bulletin in broker world; NART News,
  • Books specific to sectors and branches in Risk Management world;
    • “Risk Management” in “Retailing, Shopping and Life Centers”
    • Risk Management in “Medicine, Chemistry, Cosmetics and Perfumery Sectors”
    • “Risk Management in Automotive Industry”