Changing World and increasing risks have increased the importance of Account Receivables (Trade Receivables) Insurance.

With its expert and experienced staff, NART offers a giant service regarding Account Receivables (Trade Receivables) Insurance that will enable you to protect and grow your finances by accurately analyzing your company’s needs and to create more favorable financial conditions for you.

Account Receivables (Trade Receivables)

Insurance guarantees domestic and international sales of goods and services with a term of up to 180 days against the risk of non-payment.

Account Receivables Insurance Provides Assurance Against 2 Types of Risks:

  • Commercial Risk
  • Bankruptcy
  • Late payment
  • Political Risk (export)
  • War, Embargo
  • Risk of not transferring funds
  • Public buyer default risk

Why Account Receivables (Trade Receivables) Insurance?

  • Account Receivables Insurance basically targets 3 subjects.
  • It prevents or controls risk.
  • It provides the collection of the receivable.
  • It Provides compensation to be paid in case of damage.

Who Is Suitable For Account Receivables (Trade Receivables) Insurance?

Account Receivables Insurances protect companies working on a term basis against payment difficulties that their buyers may experience.

✓ Checking the existing and potential customers through the audits and controls of independent institutions,

✓ Providing collection services and performing legal follow-up on your behalf in case of default of your customer,

✓ It guarantees the cash flow by paying the remaining balance at the end of the collection operation as compensation within the policy terms and limits.

✓ Cash, letter of credit sales, sales with letter of guarantee, sales to group companies and government institutions are excluded from coverage.

Account Receivables Insurance for SMEs (State-Funded)

It is an insurance system established with the State Supported System for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises of the Council of Ministers dated 04/06/2018 and numbered 2018/11892.
Notices regarding the amendment of the State Supported Receivable Insurance tariff and instruction notice were published in 27 March 2019 dated and 30727 numbered and 25 March 2020 dated and 31079 numbered copies of the Official Gazette.
The target population is SMEs whose domestic annual net sales revenue or financial balance does not exceed 125,000,000 TL.

Who Can Benefit From This System?

✓ Businesses in the Micro and Small Scale Business Class;
✓ Sales other than cash, credit card, letter of guarantee, DBS, letter of credit sales, sales to the public,
✓ Open account, against goods and against documents (including checks and promissory notes) sales
✓ Due Postpaid Sales
✓ Sales to Legal Entities (sole proprietorship, ordinary partnership, etc.)