Clinical researches are conducted in situations such as finding a cure for a specific disease, developing new diagnostic methods, and developing known treatment methods. While conducting all these researches, risks may arise for employees. In order to protect these risks, “clinical research liability insurance” is made.

Clinical Research Liability Insurance is related to the payment of insurance indemnity within the framework of the limit, exceptions, terms and conditions specified in the Insurance Contract and in particular up to the Liability Limit specified in the Policy as a result of the liability that shall arise in accordance with the Turkish Republic Legislation of Legal Liability against the consequences of the Bodily Damage claims put forward by the Volunteer due to the death, injury or deterioration of the health of the Volunteer participating in a clinical research conducted within the Geographical Boundary after the Policy Start Date; it can be conducted by the one/s who support Insured research in accordance with the regulation and other relevant legislation provisions; and it is covered provided that these requests have been submitted to the Insured in writing within the Insurance Period and the Insured has notified these requests to the Insurer within the insurance period or within 30 days from the expiry date of the Policy.

This insurance, which is made in order to secure the damage and possible risks that may occur to the volunteers/patients participating in laboratory studies, is in a position to support the research.

Situations That May Be Subject to Damage:

  • Death of the volunteer participating in the clinical research
  • Injury of the volunteer participating in the clinical research
  • Impairment of the health of the volunteer participating in the clinical research

Cases Not Covered by Insurance:

  • Bodily damages suffered by an Employee,
  • Prevention of pregnancy / pregnancy caused by all kinds of clinical trials,
  • Claims and lawsuits for any damage caused or linked to Asbestos (Asbestos) or substances containing Asbestos (Asbestos),
  • Any health problem or syndrome associated with IDS or something similar regardless of the way it is expressed, related to variations or derivatives or types of viruses, or hepatitis caused directly / indirectly from human T-cell lymphotropic virus (HTL virus),
  • Judicial or Administrative Penalties, penalties arising from the contract, fines, punitive damages,
  • Clinical Research on genetic engineering other than clinical trials conducted for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of a disease,
  • Radioactive contamination caused directly or indirectly,
  • An event known to the Insured at the inception date,
  • Injuries anticipated by the insured or another party to cause claims within the scope of the Insurance Agreement,
  • Damages, losses, claims, other claims or lawsuits arising from or in any way related to asbestos or materials containing asbestos,
    Liability arising directly or indirectly from war, all kinds of war events, invasion, acts of foreign enemies (whether war has been declared or not), civil war, revolution, rebellion, uprising and the discipline and military actions required by them.