A reliable consultant is extremely important for facilitating your claims transactions and accelerating your claims payments. NART Sigorta ve Reasürans Brokerliği A.Ş. provides a result-oriented, professional service to our insured people during all damage processes with our lawyers, engineers, art historians and our managerial staff who have gained expertise in different branches.

Our aim is to ensure that all losses due to damage are fully compensated while trying to finalize the claims of our insurance as soon as possible.

Our Basic Services for this purpose:

Providing the necessary organizations and guidance as soon as possible after the damage notification,

Examining the policy coverages regarding the occurrence of the said damages and making the necessary referrals to our insured,

Providing post-damage Claims Advocacy service to customers for whom we do not provide brokerage services

Providing coordination with all parties for the repair of the damage in the shortest, fastest and most accurate way, and for the holistic restoration of the damaged facilities.

Providing consultancy services at the desired level at all levels and acting on behalf of our insured in all recourse transactions.

Our goal is to end the claim processes as quickly as possible, to prevent the liquidity flow of our insured persons from deteriorating, and to be able to mediate a healthy and long-term cooperation with non-insurance loss prevention programs by monitoring the loss premium rate.