Denise Appointed to NART Brokerslink Board of Directors

In its announcement dated April 12, Brokerslink announced that it has appointed Mrs.Denise NART, Vice Chairman of NART Sigorta ve Reasürans Brokerliği, as Regional Manager for Europe. Brokerslink has a completely independent structure that connects insurance brokers from around the world with a worldwide brokerage network. It provides professional, innovative risk management and insurance expertise, international market links and advisory services to its independent partners and subsidiaries in more than 122 countries. José Manuel Fonseca, Head of Brokerslink, said “Her appointment, with her young and innovative face, will increase the diversity of ideas and inspiration that will contribute to the further growth of the Brokerslink network, as well as ignite and support new ideas and collaboration among our partners and affiliates, both in Europe and in our global network.” about Denise NART.