In Safety Abuse Damages

  • The statement that includes the numerical request of the insured, the way the damage occurred and the bank information for the compensation payment
  • Employment declaration of the personnel who committed the crime of breach of security (SSK Record)
  • Work contract
  • Payroll
  • A criminal complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office
  • Document regarding the result of the investigation carried out by the prosecutor’s office
  • The statement of the offender given before the Prosecutor’s Office and / or written and signed before the Prosecutor’s Office
  • Witness statements
  • Documentation regarding the premiums, bonuses and other receivables of the offending personnel during the period between the recruitment date and the occurrence of the event
  • Accounting records and documents showing the amount of defalcation
  • Document / warning statement regarding the dismissal of the personnel who committed the crime
  • Documents and information regarding the deductions made on account of the personnel who committed the crime due to the loss and/or documents and information regarding the amount received on account/in cash.

The above documents are standard and extra documents may be requested depending on the nature of the damage.