Energy emerges as one of the most strategic issues for countries in the world and the developing technology and the increasing population have increased the energy need more than ever before in history. In order to meet this need, the number of energy facilities in our country and in the world is increasing and the risk management of these facilities is of vital importance for investors.

As NART Brokering, we provide the best service to our customers with our deep knowledge and extensive experience in designing risk transfer in the energy industry and risk placement. With our strong relations with the insurance industry, we easily realize the agreements that best suit the needs of our customers.

NART offers superior service to investors in every branch of renewable energy. The risks of many hydroelectric, wind and solar power plants that generate tens of Mega Watt power in our country are managed by NART professionals. While the risk costs are minimized, the activities in the facilities continue safely with the extensive guarantees received skillfully.

In the competitive renewable energy market, giant companies continue to increase their profitability with NART’s risk management service.