Event Insurance covers the damages that may occur in the event of an accident occurring to the participants during the event, damage to the decor, stage, event venue, music instruments, accidents on the stage, and the common risks of event cancellation or postponement.

Threats Causing Damage:



-Revolt, Strike and Popular Movements

-Malicious Harm

-Military Insurgency, Coup

-War or civil war

-Counter Attack Resistance

-National Mourning

What are covered by the Insurance?

Insured persons;

-Due to death (limited to the age of 65), due to bodily injury or illness; (Limited to 70 years old) or travel delay / failure to arrive on time to the event (such as technical issues, or people staying at the airport as a result of a sudden event ..)

Additional Insurances

-National Mourning

Terrorist Movements


-Infectious Disease (With the exception of Covid-19)

-Air Insurances