It is a type of insurance that provides protection to any building used for private or commercial purposes, to cover the damages that occur in the event of a fire damage to the property, machinery, installation, fixtures, commodities and all kinds of equipment.
With the Fire Insurance, the material damages directly caused by fire, lightning, explosion or smoke, steam and heat caused by fire and explosion, as well as the following dangers, are optionally covered within the limits and conditions specified in the policy.
✓ Earthquake and Volcano Eruption
✓ Smoke
✓ Landslide
✓ Snow Weight
✓ Land Vehicles Crash
✓ Aircraft Crash
✓ Debris Removal
✓ Strike – Lockout – Chaos and Popular Movements
✓ Terror
✓ Malicious Acts
✓ Debris Removal Expenses
✓ Storm
✓ Theft
✓ Internal Water
✓ Loss of Rent
✓ Fire Financial Liability
✓ Glass Breakage


For immovable property:
✓ If there is no contract on the contrary; additions outside the buildings such as gardener’s house, garages, water tanks, coal bunkers and all kinds of fixed installations, elevators and escalators, lightning holders, television antennas, foundations and retaining walls are covered by the insurance.
✓ Things such as garden and surrounding walls, docks, terraces, piers, fountains, sculptures outside the building, cisterns and pools are only covered by the insurance amount provided that they are specified in the policy.
✓ Value of the land is not taken into consideration in determining the insurance cost.


✓ If the insured things are divided into items or groups in terms of their qualifications, those falling into any of these items and groups,
✓ If a single insurance amount is stipulated for all insured things, everything that is included in the definition of this amount, whether it is specified separately in the policy or not, is covered by the insurance, even if it is entered later due to replacement or new purchase.
✓ If there is no contract to the contrary, only the things owned by the insured and the family members or his/her people living with him/her, and his/her employees are covered by the insurance.

Natural Disasters can cause great damages in terms of their destructiveness and bring the damaged businesses to a halt partially or completely.

While creating risk plans against natural disasters, businesses are provided with professional consultancy on damage prevention. As a result of these consultancy services, damages that may occur in natural disasters can be partially prevented.
However, in order to provide the most comprehensive coverage against natural disasters that may occur in geographical conditions without any statistical information, NART Insurance and Reassurance Brokering Inc. offers the most comprehensive natural disaster insurance to thousands of customers at home and abroad by combining more than 20 years of experience with a global perspective.

You can contact the nearest NART office for detailed information and insurance application.