Health Insurances, which are one of the most important employee vested benefits of today’s business world, are carefully shaped by the experienced staff of our Employee Vested Benefits Solutions Department with special solutions for institutions.

In Corporate Health Insurance;

  • In purchasing / bidding processes
  • In Policy Stages
  • The supports provided during the insurance period are defined separately and a control and monitoring mechanism with appropriate standards has been established.

Based on the fact that health is “sensitive” for everyone, our team is carefully selected in accordance with the “boutique service” approach and with the following services:

  • 24/7 Call Center
  • Mobile App
  • Digital Platform for Compensation and Application Special Follow-up Processes
  • NART Club Card

It is reflected in such applications as:

  • Staff Trainings
  • Policy Contents and Routine Announcements on Health Issues
  • Information with Brochures and Banners
  • Regular Visits