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NART has a large human resources treasury consisting of over 35,000 employees in 136 Countries in the World Network.

NART has a huge human resources treasury consisting of over 35,000 employees in 136 countries in its World Network. It provides service with over 100 professional risk consultants in Turkey.

NARThas taken a leading role in the sector in the development of this human resource for more than 40 years.

Today, Risk Management Recruiters places qualified risk experts and insurers in all sectors where risk is the subject, not only for its own needs, but through its sister company.

By playing a leading role in the development of this human resource again. NART Risk Management  Academy is well established. This academy trains Risk Managers. In addition, trainings are provided in other fields.

NART in addition to being the risk consultant of your society organizations in many fields, it also produces human resources solutions together with these non-governmental organizations.

If you want to be a part of this professional human resource, share our values, and take advantage of the opportunities offered, to apply for our open positions or You can send your resume to our com e-mail address. For more detailed information about the human resources department, click.




NART Careers is a powerful resource for employees to learn new skills, improve their careers and performance.

Our trainings are planned and implemented by the Human Resources Department in line with the training needs analysis of our employees. Our trainings can be in the form of classroom trainings, as well as in the form of “zoom, whereby, webinars” in the computer environment.

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