Individual Pension System (BES)

Individual Pension System (BES), Automatic Enrollment System (OKS)

BES has followed a constantly developing trend since the first day it was launched, and has been developed with the developments in pension companies, the increasing interest of the participants and the legal regulations that contribute to the progress.

Group Pension Plans have become one of the most important vested benefits offered by corporations to their employees, supporting loyalty.

In Designing your NART, Employee Benefits Solutions, Group Pension and Automatic Enrollment Agreement Plan;

  • In the light of your long-term Human Resources policies
  • In line with your budget
  • Considering your employee profile
  • Requesting and comparing offers from pension companies
  • In negotiating favorable terms
  • In evaluating the infrastructure and competencies of companies
  • In case of need, organizing presentation and disclosure meetings
  • In the management of technical details and operational processes
  • In contract controls
  • In the control and follow-up of entrance and exit processes
  • In evaluating pension companies with fund management companies in certain periods if necessary

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