Mining activities are considered by all to be one of the riskiest among industries. With the increasing need for raw materials in the world, the operations of the mining industry also show an intense increase.

Mining activities are considered to be one of the most risky one among industries by all. With the ever-increasing need for raw materials in the world, the operations of the mining industry are also increasing. As of 2019, the total operational expenditure of major mining companies in the world has reached 515 Billion Dollars, which once again shows the capacity of the investments made in this field. In addition to the investments made, mining regulations which are getting stricter day by day, rising equipment costs, accidents that may occur during mining activities also contain important risk factors that need to be managed. On the other hand, expectations are increasing day by day in societies and in the relevant supervisory institutions of the states regarding the safety, environmental impact and social impacts of mines.

As NART, we offer insurance services in favor of our customers and by creating a competitive market. The guarantees provided by the most reliable insurance companies are customized for the needs of our customers by taking current laws and regulations into account.

As NART Brokering, our experts and experienced professionals in the field of mining are always at your side in determining your risks systematically, determining their effects, reducing the risks and making the transfer in the most economical and appropriate way for your investments. As a member of London-based Lloyd’s, the world’s first insurance exchange, NART is able to reach the best option for your investment as soon as possible with its global network service with 35,000 employees in 136 countries.

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Insurance programs change throughout the phases of the life cycle and operations of the business. However, they usually include:

  • Material damage and business interruption
  • All risks and start delay for contractors
  • Third party liability
  • Responsibility of managers and officials
  • Marine cargo and stock volume
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Security-oriented risks (e.g. political risks and political violence, terrorism and sabotage, kidnapping, ransom and extortion)
  • Cyber
  • Personal accident and life insurance

In the face of increasing variability, organizational flexibility is becoming more and more important. Risk management solutions can provide you with insights into:

  • Review: Analyze, model and evaluate the strategies, procedures and measures implemented by your company in terms of project and corporate risk.
  • Reengineering: Designing new strategies to identify and mitigate risk, including risk transfer program design.
  • Taking action: Specific services to support your company in the event of loss or bankruptcy.
  • Recovery: Manage the consequences following an incident or loss and ensure your company can get back to work as soon as possible.

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