MOTOR Insurance

Motor insurance is a type of optional insurance that insures damages that may occur as a result of accident or damage to your vehicle due to natural disasters such as fire, theft, attempted theft, earthquake, hail, landslide.

What is Motor Insurance?

Motor insurance is a type of optional insurance that insures damages that may occur as a result of accident or damage to your vehicle due to natural disasters such as fire, theft, attempted theft, earthquake, hail, landslide.


• Crash, collision

• Roll over, fall, roll

• Combustion

• Theft

• Theft as a result of theft of the original key

• Key loss

• Malicious acts

• Terror

• Earthquake

• Flood

• Full

• Unauthorized shooting of the vehicle

• Smoking and similar substance harms

• Rodent coverage

• No claim protection

• Discretionary liability

• Seat personal accident

• Emergency medical ambulance service

• Legal protection

• Mini repair service

• Roadside assistance service

• Replacement vehicle service

What is the Difference Between Motor Insurance and Traffic Insurance?

Motor insurance is a type of insurance that is not mandatory and is at the initiative of vehicle owners. Traffic Insurance, on the other hand, is a type of insurance that is mandatory by law for every vehicle on the road. As a matter of fact, there is no sanction for not having motor insurance, while not having traffic insurance causes penalties such as fines and ban from traffic. Motor insurance is an insurance that covers the material or physical damages that you may give to third parties, while the motor insurance insures the owner and vehicle of the insured vehicle.

What should I do when I have damage? What are the documents required for damage notification?

Contracted Minutes or Keeping Minutes by Authorized Institutions

The first thing to do in case of damage is to inform the insurance company without losing time.

The estimated amount of the damage and the event causing the damage should be reported to the insurer in writing within a reasonable and appropriate time.

For the compensation of the damage, the maximum damage notification period covers 5 working days and some documents are required for the notification of the damage.

If the vehicle is stolen, he/she must immediately notify the competent authorities as soon as he/she learns about the situation.

What is No Claim Discount, How to Benefit?

One of the issues that the insured people focus on the most is the no claim discount, which reduces the premium of your motor insurance policy by up to 65%.

No claim discount is the type of discount that takes effect in policy renewal if no claim is made during the policy period.

When purchasing your motor insurance policy, you should consider the circumstances that affect the no-claims discount. Because the circumstances affecting this discount vary greatly according to insurance companies and cause high premium differences in the next year’s policy renewal. Therefore, it is important to know the conditions that do not impair damage-free insurance.

What types of damages do not affect my no claim discount on my policy?

Knowing the insurance companies’ application of no claim discount during the policy period will enable you to act more accurately when you are on the road and will protect your claim-free status.

No claim discount tracks drivers. This means that when you take out a motor insurance policy for a vehicle you have purchased, you can use your earned no-claims discount for your new vehicle.

According to the most common damages, the cases that do not impair the damage are generally as follows:

100% recourse status: The only case that is valid for all insurance companies and does not impair damage is 100% recourse damages. 100% recourse damages are damages in which the driver is not at fault in the accident involving the insured vehicle, that is, the other party is completely at fault. In such damages, the insured both receives the indemnity from the insurance company and the right of discount arising from the policy is not affected. However, the fault of the insured person must be documented with an official document such as a memorandum or report, and the party causing the accident must be identified.

Radio – Tape Theft and Glass Breakage Damages: Some insurance companies cover the radio-tape theft and glass breakage damages that occur during the policy term by maintaining the no-claim discount once a year. In this case, the insured person’s no claim discount on the policy is not affected by this damage. In some companies, however, there is no such practice, and due to theft of radio-tape and glass breakage, the no-claim status is impaired and the insured person’s no-claim discount may be reduced or completely eliminated during the policy renewal period.

Mini Damage: Some insurance companies cover the claims such as scrapes, scratches and dents on the outer and inner surfaces of the vehicle by maintaining the no-claim discount. However, this practice only applies to some insurance companies. Some insurance companies ensure that such damages are covered with the conditions and limits written in the policy or its annexes, with mini-damage coverage, and thus protect the no-claim discount of their customers who benefit from this coverage.

In general, all damages other than the types of damage we mentioned above disrupt the policy’s no-claim discount and reduce the policy’s no-claim discount rate.

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