NART Advisory Board

As NART Sigorta Brokerage A.Ş., we took the first steps of a tradition by holding the Advisory Board Meeting at the Four Seasons Hotel in 2004. Since then, it has been our main goal to meet with our friends and the public almost every year to instill risk perceptions on different issues.
As it is known, the raw material of the insurer is "RISK" and every year we try to enlighten the public and NART friends by discussing a different risk issue together with the experts.
On this journey, Mr. Yavuz CANEVİ, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Türkiye Ekonomi Bankası, is leading us and leading executives of the leading companies in Turkey's sector are also accompanying us.
Rather than being a platform where we try to enlighten our friends and the public, the Advisory Board gives us the pride of reaching much larger audiences, both experiencing the joy of coming together and bringing it, and being able to convey the perception of risk to these audiences. With the joy of experiencing this justified pride, we held our meeting this year with the topic "The Effect of the Covid-19 Epidemic on Trade, Insurance Contracts, World and Turkish Economy Expectations", with a bit more bitterness.


“Financing and Investment Opportunities in the Capital Market”


“The Effects of the Covid-19 Outbreak on Trade, Insurance Contracts and the World and Turkish Economy”


“Increasing Trade Weapon, Sanctions, Their Effects on the World and Turkey”


“The Future of the Reviving but Still Fragile World Economy – Turkey and the World: Digitalization, Cyber Security, Cryptocurrencies”


“Cyber Threats and Safeguards in the Framework of Turkey’s Industry 4.0 Transformation”


“Passion and Sharing: From Collecting to Private Museology”


“Turkish Economy: Where and How After the Transition to a Strong Economy Programme?”


“From Profound to Taffe, From Tefrit to Normal: Changing the Economic Dynamics in Turkey After the Crisis”


“World Economy After the Global Crisis and Reconstructed Turkey’s New Position”


“The Economic and Political Power of Social Media”


“The Conversion of Art Passion to Collecting and Latest Trends”


“Turkey’s Transformation Story: Is It Interrupted, Is It Over, Or Is It Starting Again?”


“Individual Pension System in the Light of the Development of the Turkish Economy”


“Recent Developments in Turkish Economy”