NART In The World

NART‘s international identity allows it to form long-standing and solid partnerships with reinsurers around the world.

NART works with different insurance and reinsurance companies in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East, especially Lloyd’s, the industry’s 300-year-old and oldest market, in both Facultative and Treaty Reinsurance planning and fronting transactions.

Lloyd’s, a unique insurance company in the world, is not an insurance company, it is a community of syndicates that provide insurance coverage, a union and also a center for world shipping intelligence.

Our Global Partners

NART successfully represents the leading independent brokerage organizations of the Far East, Europe and the Americas in Turkey. The ever-changing needs of the customers of these organizations in the field of risk management are successfully met by the superior and professional representation of NART.

– Advanced service with 200 offices and 35,000 expert personnel in 136 countries in the world network

– Design of global programs with our partner company, headquartered in Switzerland

– Inhouse broker of the world’s global industrial organizations and regional service representative with CRO

– Premium production of over 30 Billion Euros all over the world

– Representation of 23 World Brokers in Turkey