NART Risk Management Academy

Risk Management Academy provides training services to professionals working in the insurance sector and related sectors, by being with them at all stages from the beginning to the end of their business life. Open classroom trainings are offered for insurance companies at all levels and in all areas of the insurance industry, for sectors in need of insurance and for insured Corporate/Individual customers, and anyone from various companies and institutions can participate in these open classroom trainings.

NART Risk Management Academy was established within the framework of the principle of contributing to the development of insurance and the establishment of insurance awareness, which is among the founding principles of NART Sigorta ve Reasürans Brokerliği. In this context, it is aimed to benefit from the trainings not only for insurance sector employees, but also for insured individuals or corporate employees. In our training programs, while general and technical issues in the field of risk and insurance are discussed, soft-skill trainings are also planned within the framework of training demands with our expert trainers.

Our training programs are designed as private closed classrooms. It is designed specifically for the institution by determining which subjects and at what level of training will be provided by meeting with the company or institution-specific managers within the framework of incoming requests. Our trainings are held at NART Business Center.

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