NART Sigorta ve Reasürans Brokerliği, the first brokerage firm that introduced Art Insurance to Turkey, continues to support the art sector as the insurance partner of Contemporary Istanbul 2019 and Collectors’ Stories II. He started his journey of art insurance by insuring “Fine Art All Risk” of Islamic works with Süleyman Treasury.

NART, the world’s most established insurance market LLYOD’s licensed broker, plays a key role in the protection of personal and corporate art collections, creating world-class insurance solutions for art galleries, museums and exhibitions.

NART, the largest independent insurance and reinsurance Broker of our country, with its partner network in 136 countries and the world’s art metropolises, with a special insurance product for artworks designed for private collections, galleries and exhibitions, pays 500 million Euros for paintings, antiques, historical artifacts, classic cars and jewelery. can provide up to capacity

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