Levent NART – Chief Executive Officer

Levent NART was born in İzmir in 1957. He completed his high school education in İzmir Atatürk High School, graduated from Ege University in 1978, and completed his education in Business Administration in Cologne University in 1983. Levent NART, who started to work in the General Directorate of Nordstern Colonia Konzern Companies in Cologne on January 01, 1984, became the International Risk Management Consultant of multinational companies in the department of “Nordstern Service International” and gained expertise especially in Business Interruption and Product Liability and Professional Liability.

Assigned as the Chief Executive Officer and then as the General Manager of Nordstern Insurance Inc. Turkey beginning from 1987, NART was assigned as the Chief Executive Officer of İmtaş Insurance and İmtaş Life, which are the companies of UAP that is the biggest insurance group of France, in 1994; and he completed the biggest merger of the Turkish insurance sector with the merging of Nordstern and İmtaş as the Country Head.

Merging Nordstern İmtaş and Oyak Insurance within the body of AXA Oyak Holding in 1997, Levent NART served as the General Manager of Hayat Companies in the establishment of Turkey’s largest insurance holding company.

In 1999, Levent NART started to provide Risk Management Consultancy services to Turkish and Multinational companies by establishing NART Insurance and Reassurance Brokering Inc. NART has become Turkey’s largest independent broker in a short time.

Levent NART was a Founding Board Member of the German Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the President of Turkish Association of Insurance Brokers, and a member of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board of TÜSİAD, TUGİAD.

Levent NART is married and has two children. He speaks German, English and French.

Denise NART – Executive Board Member

Born in Istanbul in 1990, Denise NART graduated from German High School in 2009, and then completed Sabancı University- Faculty of Management.

Having studied marketing at Berkeley University for a short term, Denise NART gained experience in industrial companies of BASF, L’OREAL during her university education and then in the Liability, Trade Credit and Political Risk Units of Lockton and Arthur J. Gallagher Global Brokerage Companies which are among the world’s insurance brokering organizations.

Denise NART, who started her career in 2013, worked in LOCKTON’s Global Department under the name of “Young Leadership Scholarship Program” at LOCKTON London European Center.

Denise NART worked as an expert responsible for global and local affairs between 2014-2016 in the Construction and Energy unit of our Corporate Solutions department. Having served as Global Affairs, Reassurance & Business Development Unit Manager in 2017-2018, Denise NART has been appointed as a new Executive Board Member since 2018.

Denise NART, who has served on the Board of Directors of NART Insurance and Reassurance Brokering Inc., MLN Real Estate Development and Consulting Inc., is a founding member of Adalar (The Princes’ Islands) Rotaract, the Young Brokers Committee of the Brokers Association and a member of GYIAD since 2012.

Denise NART speaks English, German, Turkish, and French.

Margot NART – Executive Board Member

Born in Cologne, Germany in 1956, Margot NART graduated from the Tunnel and High Construction Department of the University of Cologne, Faculty of Civil Engineering, as a professional engineer.

Margot NART worked in different construction companies and then served as the Chief Engineer of the Civil Department of the Municipality of Cologne in 1983.

Settled in Turkey in 1990, Margot NART took part in NART Group’s MLN Real Estate Development and Consulting Inc., and NART Business Center Activities as an Executive Board Member and General Manager.

Margot NART, who has been a member of NART Insurance and Reassurance Brokering Inc. since 2002, speaks English, German and Turkish.

Sinan DALLI – Executive Board Member

Sinan Dallı started his career in the financial sector, continued in the real sector and in private equity funds and then in personal entrepreneurship, and had three successful “exits”. He worked as a senior executive for many years in banking, automotive, petroleum, infrastructure and mining sectors. He worked at Türk Ekonomi Bankası (Turkish Economy Bank), JP Morgan London, Delta Petroleum, Caffe Nero, Standard Profile, Marmara Capital Asset Management respectively. Currently, Sinan Dallı is a member of the Board of Directors of NART Insurance and the CEO of the Turkay Group, which is engaged in commodity trade, shipping and renewable energy production. Having established and managed effective teams and profitable operations in the fields of strategy, planning / management, manufacturing, investment, financing, trade and risk management, Dallı is also a member of the Association of the Board of Directors (YÜD), Istanbul Rotary Club and Propeller Club Istanbul Port; and he is a member of the selection committee of Technolera Venture Building Academy, which provides finance and strategy support to start-up companies.