As much as they think about their own health, people also think about the health of their pets, which they live with and are friendly to life. Pet Insurance (Paw Insurance) should be made for all kinds of health problems of pets that have become members of the family and are considered as little friends.

Full Assurance for Pets

Pet Insurance, also known as paw insurance, which covers all health problems caused by traffic accidents, injuries caused by any inflation, fractures caused by falling from a height, electric shock, poisoning and insect bites. provides financial support to people who are life-friendly. This insurance is provided to pets of all races and genders, whose vaccinations are completed for more than 6 months and under 10 years of age.

Its wide scope makes its friendly owners happy. People who have Pet Insurance for the future of their pets also take precautions against large expenses. This insurance, which is made by paying only a small amount per month, is defined as an economic guarantee for pet owners.

This insurance, made for cute and innocent friends who share the loneliness of people, attracts a lot of attention from pet owners in Turkey. The Pet Insurance, which has been in effect for a long time, is important for meeting the urgent health need. The coverage of the insurance covers only the contracted veterinarians, but also covers high costs such as surgery. Annual premiums can be paid in installments by credit card and pet owners are assisted in payment.

Pets with Pet Insurance (Paw Insurance)

Pets are in constant danger, inside or outside the home, and the realization of danger imposes heavy financial obligations on pet owners. Pet Insurance, which covers accidents and risks that also endanger the lives of animals, is generally made for cats and dogs. Everyone who takes good care of their pets and wants them to lead a good life fulfills their obligations. The Pet Insurance made personally by NART Insurance does not affect the budgets of pet owners. Different insurance packages provided by NART Insurance cover animals such as rabbits and horses, especially cats and dogs.

Pet Insurance, which is quite common abroad, is beginning to be demanded in Turkey today as well. Pet Insurance gains more importance when it comes to life health and especially when it comes to our life friends, whom we describe as our life partners. One of the required conditions for the insurance to start is the free application of the microchip sent with the policy by the contracted veterinarians. Dog species that are considered dangerous and prohibited to be sold or owned are not covered by this insurance. Dogs become an identity card due to the obligation of chipping the dogs requested by NART Insurance. Pets without an identity card cannot be registered with municipalities and therefore cannot be insured. This insurance, which attracts attention from all animal lovers and made by NART Insurance, covers the health problems of animals.

Pet Insurance Application

When pets have an unexpected accident, animal lovers face a surprising health bill. These surprise bills are sometimes not met and animal lovers have a hard time. Pet insurance covers all kinds of emergency accidents and prevents animal lovers from being in trouble. Affordable premium payments and meeting the health expenses of animals ensure that many animal lovers are satisfied with this service. Many pets have traffic accidents and NART Insurance eliminates surprise bills arising from this traffic accident. Pets taken to one of our contracted veterinarians are best treated.

This fuse comes in handy in cases of heat stroke in hot weather or freezing in cold weather. Pets without a microchip cannot benefit from this insurance. In the event of death, animal lovers cannot claim any compensation. All emergency interventions should be done by contracted veterinarians and the expenses of pets taken to another veterinarian other than contracted veterinarians are not covered. Non-vital interventions are also not covered, and animal lovers should pay for it out of their own pocket. Those who prefer NART Insurance for this insurance, which is becoming more and more widespread, are extremely satisfied with the service they receive. NART Insurance, one of the most reliable insurance companies in Turkey and in the world, comes to the aid of animal lovers in a qualified manner.

Securing Pets at Risk

NART Insurance, which has reached international standards, is responsible for the health of pets.bee is safe. Pets, who are in danger of contracting many diseases and accidents, continue their lives on solid ground with animal lovers thanks to this insurance. This insurance, which relieves animal lovers economically, also supports animal lovers psychologically. Benefiting from conscious animal lovers, this insurance protects pets against external dangers. Thanks to the insurance cards, the treatment of pets is started in case of an emergency. Insurance is not only a need for humans, it is also an important need for pets.

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