What is Political Risk?

It is the obstruction or damage to the operations of internationally operating organizations due to a reason originating from their own country or a third country.

What is Political Risk Insurance?

It is a type of insurance that can be purchased for countries whose economy is not fully developed and depends on external resources, has business relations with foreign economies, and has political risks in terms of geographical location. With its political risk experts, NART provides balance sheet protection and business convenience for you. You can provide flexibility or get advice on political risk management with portfolios specially prepared for you.

Political Risks Insurance Mainly Comes Into Action in the Following Situations;

  • It covers the financial losses that may occur due to civil / foreign war, revolution, rebellion, social collapse.
  • It covers the loss of activities carried out in public institutions as a result of personal decisions.
  • It protects against risks that may arise from international activities, government or administrative decisions, embargo practices, boycott, withdrawal or imposition of the certificate/license, the inability to convert the country’s currency to another currency, and the prohibition of money transfer.