1. Login : You can log in with your TR Identity Number and your registered phone number in the NART Insurance System.

2. Main Screen: You can access your policies registered in NART Insurance System. You can call your Customer Representative and send an e-mail.

3. You can access PDF documents of all your individual policies.

4. You can request a quote for motor own damage, health, housing, insurance and travel health policy.

5.You can make a notification of damage, call a tow truck, leave a call for our Authorities to call you.

6. You can examine the Coverages of Your Corporate Health Policy

7. You can view the contracted institutions that you can use in your Institutional Health Policy on the map, access the contact and address information of the Institution and get directions.


You can quickly get offers for Insurance, Traffic, Health, Dask, Housing and Travel Health.


Special deals for you are on NART App!

Fast Damage Services

You can reach our expert team via NART App and get attractive service.

Policy Monitoring

Ability to view your own policies as pdf on NART App.