NART, which implemented the Industrial Product Liability Insurance for the first time in Turkey 20 years ago with expanded special conditions, brings together its knowledge filtered from more than 30 years of experience and the strength of its connection with its international partners for you. Our aim is to keep the risk factor of your business arising from the activities in Turkey and in the world under control in an economical way that does not conflict with your profitability target with the help of 20,000 risk managers in 108 countries through our partners.

Today, user and consumer protection and human rights are among the primary goals of companies and states as well as customer-oriented services. As a result of the combination of mass production in the service sector and industry with the automation in the production process, many damage possibilities arise in many sectors caused by faulty products.

What is Product Liability Insurance?

  • Product Liability is the subject of material or physical damages that third parties may suffer due to an error in the product.
  • Product Liability Insurance is not a Product Warranty Insurance, it is a liability insurance, it provides assurance regarding the liability against third parties for the product manufactured by the insured, not regarding the goods.

What is the Liability Arising from the Products?

The product-related damages that we frequently encounter in daily life are not only due to the faulty product; it also arises from misinformation about its use or not mentioning the dangerous side effects of the product.

Who Can Be Held Liable For Damages?

  • According to the EU Product Liability Law;
  • Product, semi-finished and raw material producers
  • Those who market the goods produced by someone else under their own brands or titles
  • Those who sell products whose manufacturer is not known
  • Those who import products from outside the community to an EU member country

According to the Consumer Protection Law in Turkey; The seller, dealer, manufacturer and importer are jointly and severally liable to the consumer for “the defective goods or any damages caused by the defective goods”.

Recall Risks

“Recall Guarantee”, which can be bought additionally with product liability insurances, comes into play in the withdrawal of faulty products purchased by consumers from the market.

The following special conditions can be added to the guarantee.

  • Product Recall;
  • Loss of Profit;
  • Replacement Costs;
  • Rehabilitation Expenses;
  • Defense Expenses;
  • Expert and Consultation Expenses