NART Brokerage takes its power in reinsurance intermediation from its international network. As NART, we have the ability to instantly reach 35,000 risk experts in 136 countries, conduct market research, get offers and perform risk management for our customers through this network. Networks such as the Brokerslink network, which was established in Switzerland with the partnership of more than 40 insurance brokers, among which NART has shares, constitute an important point of our reinsurance activities. On the other hand, with the power of having the Lloyd’s Insurance license, which is the most reputable insurance market in the world, NART can directly reach reinsurers in the international market, place risks and provide the best service to its customers.


In addition to insurance brokerage, NART performs the transfer of risks in many different sectors, which are also covered as a reinsurance broker, in the most appropriate way to the needs of its valuable customers and provides maximum benefit. Having all the competencies required by the reinsurance business, experienced and expert NART Brokerage professionals help their customers easily reach their corporate goals with tailor-made solutions suitable for the risks covered.


Optional Reinsurance:

NART Brokerage offers you a high-level service in the reinsurance placement process. Thanks to NART’s global network and Lloyd’s membership, it aims to increase your workforce with large capacities in various sectors. With increasing importance and need in large and niche business areas, İhtiyar Reinsurance also secures your catastrophic risks. Thanks to its experienced and expert discretionary team, it offers solutions for your needs and is with you in case of damage with its experienced staff.


Treaty Reinsurance:

Treaty Reinsurance is a preferred type of agreement to increase the capacity of insurance companies and/or to increase their market power. NART Brokerage offers a well-equipped service thanks to its strong market relations, experienced underwriting processes and global network in this type of agreement, which insurance companies have made to secure themselves with treaty agreements.