The commercial maritime sector, which is the cornerstone of the concept of trade and continues to develop without slowing down for centuries, constitutes the largest part of global trade. The maritime sector will undoubtedly continue to grow in parallel with the renewed and developed trade agreements, the focus of commercial investments on developing countries and economic globalization. However, this growth in the maritime industry is overshadowed by the uncertainties, unforeseen costs and risks it brings.

With its international partners and expert staff that closely follows the global markets, NART Brokering offers companies the most suitable insurance services with the understanding of creating a competitive market. The expert professionals of NART Brokerage who work to determine and guarantee all the risks brought about by the sector and maritime activities are constantly updating the risk and collateral relationships and preparing the best plans for their customers.

In addition to local insurance companies to provide all kinds of coverage needed during the activities of all marine vessels, ports, terminals and shipyards, offers can be obtained from all global markets such as London, Scandinavia, Germany, Holland and Romania markets. Some of the products we offer to our customers as NART are as follows;

✓ Hull and Machinery (H & M) Insurances
✓ War and Strike (W & S) Insurance
✓ P & I (Protection and Indemnity) Club Insurances
✓ Hijack and Ransom (K&R) Insurances
✓ Freight, Speed and Defense (FD & D) Insurances
✓ Loss of Rent (LOH) Insurances
✓ Increasing Value (IV) Insurance
✓ Towing Insurance
✓ Pledged Creditor Insurance
✓ Port Liability Insurance


✓ Terminal Operators Liability Insurances
✓ Marina Operators Liability Insurance
✓ Yacht Building and Boat Building Insurances
✓ Ship Repairers Liability Insurances
✓ Yacht Insurances
✓ Fishing Boats Insurances
✓ Commodity Shipping Insurance
✓ International Transporters Liability (CMR) Insurances
✓ Domestic Transporters Liability Insurances
✓ Freight Forwarder Liability (FFL) Insurances
✓ Warehouse Liability Insurances

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