Dear Insured,

In any case, whenever the damage occurs, please inform us immediately in case of any damage. Our contact information for this is as follows.

In the meantime, do not forget that as per the Insurance General Conditions, the insured must inform the insurer within 5 working days at the latest as soon as they become aware of the damage. Compliance with this requirement is very important in terms of both general conditions and meeting your claim for damage as soon as possible.

  • You can call us on 0 850 724 63 00,
  • You can send the following information to hasar@nart.com
  • You can report your damage to us by filling out the damage report form.Click to view the form.

The following information will be requested from you during the notification of the damage:

  • Policy and agency number
  • Reporter’s phone number
  • Name, surname, commercial title of the insured,
  • Damage date
  • Estimated amount of damage
  • Cause of Damage
  • Open address and telephone of the place where the expertise will be made
  • E-mail address
  • In case of personal damage, 3rd party information and TR Identity Number / Tax Number
  • IBAN number

If you need urgent assistance in case of damage, be sure to inform the claim agent.

Our representative will immediately organize the assistance you need.

Make sure to write down your file number that will be given to you when you report your damage to us. This file number will be used in all correspondence and interviews. Knowing your file number in the process up to the payment of your damage will make it easier for you and speed up your transactions.

Please provide the damage documents we will request from you as soon as possible and send them by showing your damage file number as a reference.

As soon as you become aware of the damage, you should take all possible measures to reduce the damage.

If an expert is assigned to determine your damage, please follow the instructions completely.

For any questions and to find out the status of your file, please call us at 0850 724 63 00 or send an e-mail to hasar@nart.com

Situations Where Traffic Collision Report for Material Damages is not Valid:

In the following cases, the report must be kept by the traffic patrols;

  • If one vehicle is involved in the accident (traffic accident with one-sided material damage)
  • One of the vehicles is used by anyone under the age of 18
  • One of the drivers involved in the accident does not have a driving license or if the license is not sufficient for the type of vehicle they are using
  • If at least one of the vehicles does not have traffic insurance
  • If any of the drivers are suspected of taking alcohol, drugs or stimulants
  • If drivers are suspected of mental health
  • If one of the vehicles involved in the accident belongs to public institutions and organizations (except ambulance and emergency medical vehicles belonging to the Ministry of Health)
  • If public property or property belonging to third parties was damaged in the accident
  • If there is death or injury to the driver or pedestrians in the accident
    the report must be kept by the traffic patrols.

In such a case, police or gendarme law enforcement should be called immediately and vehicles should be waited without changing their location. If one of the above conditions is valid but the accident report is not written by the security forces, the traffic patrols responsible for the region should be informed about the incident and a report should be prepared as soon as possible.

Matters to be Considered to Receive Damage Compensation in Electronic Devices

  • Theft and the risks of getting lost and forgetting that will occur in open areas (not closed and in closed places open to public) are excluded from the coverage.
  • Necessary rescue and protection measures must be taken.
  • The theft of portable devices from the vehicle is valid between 06.00 – 22.00 hours and is included in the coverage provided that the vehicle is locked and the device is not visible from the outside when there is nobody in the vehicle. (The vehicle must be covered with a hard material such as sheet, steel, etc.)
  • Fixed devices are included in the coverage at the specified risk address; Portable devices are included in the coverage within the borders of the Republic of Turkey.
  • If the damaged part cannot be obtained in the market and the devices become unusable, the equivalent of the damaged part will be paid.
  • In cases where the devices in question are operated in accordance with the instructions for use and there is an integrated and necessary voltage regulating device and alarm systems between the insured device and electronic equipment and the network current in order to prevent damages due to electrical damages & voltage changes, electrical damages will be compensated.
  • Loss and damages due to lifed items (fuse, gasket, belt, bearing, etc.) that need to be changed as a result of wear after a certain period of use, and loss and damages as a result of physical damages of magnetic disc, tape, card and plain text forms and similar information media, including information recorded in consumables and electronic data processing systems, are not included in the coverage.

What to Do in Cases of Theft

  • In cases where notebooks are stolen, an application is made to the nearest police station or gendarme and the Statement Record (the report our employee declares how the incident happened) must be filled. Notebook brand and serial number must be written in the record. Witness Detection Report (the report where the police officers examine the incident and express their opinions) must be taken. The relevant records must also have the same original stamp and signature showing that “It is the same as the original”.
  • The police officer who writes the report in the Witness Detection Report must see a force in the vehicle or in the house (e.g. broken glass, broken lock, removing the door lock of the house, etc…). Otherwise, no compensation is paid due to imprudence.
  • Records taken from the police station or gendarme must be sent to NART.