Disclosure Pursuant to Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data

What is Personal Information?

Personal information is all information belonging to a person.

What is Sensitive Personal Information?

Information on ethnic origin, political opinion, philosophical view, religion, communion or other beliefs, appearance, membership of association, foundation or syndicate, health, sexual life and biometric.

As being NART Insurance and Reassurance brokering Inc., acting as Data Supervisor; your personal data might be obtained, recorded, kept, disclosed within the framework explained below, within the scope of Law on Protection of Personal Data, might be transferred to the 3rd persons or processed in other ways to the extent the legislation permits.

  1. Aims of processing the personal data:

Personal data may be processed in order to perform the contract requirements, provide products and services of insurance business and personal retirement within the scope of insurance offers, insurance policies, personal retirement contracts, to fulfil the obligations stated within the legislation, determine the identity of the person making the transaction / having the transaction made, issue records and documents in electronic environment or as hard copies, to fulfil the obligations on keeping information, reporting, informing stipulated in the legislation.

  1. Transmission of the personal data:

The personal data may be transferred to the supervisory and regulatory authorities, relevant public authorities, Insurance companies and to the other persons or institutions permitted by the other provisions of legislation, to the other third persons within the scope of the requirements of the service sor contracts with the abovementioned purposes, to the extend permitted by the legislation.

  1. Collection method of personal data:

The personal data may be collected through various methods as written, verbal or electronically through all channels which NART renders services for such as Call Center of NART Insurance and Reassurance brokering, Website, Digital Channels, with the abovementioned purposes.

  1. Your rights pursuant to Law on Protection of Personal Data:

You have the rights pursuant to the Law, to learn whether your personal data is processed or not, if so, to request information, to learn the aim of processing and whether they are used suitably for the purposes or not, to know the third persons which they are transmitted to at home and abroad, to request correction if they are processed as deficiently / faulty, to request them to be deleted / destroyed within the framework of terms stipulated in Article 7 of Law, without prejudice to the exceptional cases stated in the Law, to ask for information for the processes mentioned above from the third persons which they are transmitted, to object against a disadvantageous result which emerged due to the analysis with exclusively automatic systems, in case you suffer a loss due to processing illegally.

  1. NART’s LPPD (Law on Protection of Personal Data) Policy


As NART Insurance and Reassurance brokering; we perform all necessary Works to apply all kinds of technical requirements and working principles at the highest level in order to comply with the rules required by law on protection of personal data and provide the security of your personal data.


We kindly submit for your information.