Group Health Life Insurance 

Our goal is to meet suitable risk management program and insurance needs of your enterprise, whether industrial or commercial, and to keep risk factors in all enterprise activities ranging from purchase to sales under control economically and in a way not to contradict with your profitability targets.
While our ambitious services we offer to particularly Corporate Companies make us one of the leading companies in this field, we provide the advantage of sustainable high quality service and cost advantage to enterprises to which we offer service.
Through our staff being expert on corporate health and life insurances and our customer-oriented service concept, we determine the special conditions that don’t contradict with your profitability targets on keeping quality personnel and increasing personnel satisfaction and that protect your company and employers, and we provide quality services meticulously as required by your business.
We are accessible 7 days and 24 hours by offering quality consultancy service to your company in every respect.
Our Services in Life Insurances;
• To be the consultant of the people in our portfolio with respect to backing up their family against such events as death, death by accident, death by disease, disability by accident which may occur in their life by evaluating their life-long risks,
• To secure your plans by bringing the risks under control in advance,
• To detect the risks people may encounter in their life and to put them under coverage.

Our Services on Health Insurances;

Our Cost and Personnel Benefit Oriented Services
• To perform the necessary controls on protection of the health of your valuable employers with ‘Health Management’ concept and to provide the required trainings, in case of a disorder, to direct and inform them to make them become ‘Conscious Consumer’ benefiting from Health Insurances at maximum,
• To enable people to make use of our market power we obtained thanks to our fund of knowledge and large portfolio and the special condition (or additional condition) advantage/benefit we obtained by means of our portfolio size in the sector,
• To determine coverage limits and special conditions by analyzing current prices in hospitals related to the health insurance,
• To create suitable insurance program by conducting needs analyses,
• To help determination of insurance companies to participate in a tender,
• To customize coverage limits set in alternative insurance program for insurance companies,
• To have pre-interviews with insurance companies to minimize the costs, to summarize all conditions in comparative tables “benchmarking” by receiving tenders,
• To give briefing/presentations to the insured personnel at the beginning of insurance period,
• “Do You Know” applications,
• Personnel Notices (Email and Board).
Our Operational and Claims Services;
• To check the drawn-up contract following approval of the insurance company,
• To provide and check policy, certificate and cards,
• Compensation management with experienced medical team,
• Tracking of applicable cases of SSI and Operational Process Management,
• “2.Doctor Opinion” Service where necessary,
• To determine check-up contents and make organizations according to company needs where necessary,
• To track weekly compensation payments
• To operate in the presence of managers of the insurance company in order to protect the rights of employers in cases of probable problematic compensation payments,
• To report the details related to quarterly claims use to company managers by analyzing compensations.

Our company reduces the workload of your Human Resources by offering quality and meticulous service as required by your business by means of our expert staff and stands by you at the stage of adding value to your company.