What does “affinity project” mean?

It is a group of people where the emotional attachment is pretty high.Eg. a group of employees belong to the same company, brand groups, soccer teams can be the examples of affinity projects.

What are the advantages of “affinity projects”?
the enlargement of policy concept
cost advantage
Expertise Areas of NART Private on Affinity Projects:
housing projects
motor projects
health projects
Comprehensive Motor Insurance
Collision, impact, fire, strike, lock-out, riot, civil commotion,
malicious acts, terrorism…earthquake, volcanic eruptions, flood and inundation theft, third party liability, loss of use, towage by unauthorized persons are the risks that may threaten your car.

Comprehensive Car Insurance provides security!
Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy insures against loss or damage to your car, liability to third parties arising out of all these risks.

Moreover, in case it is proved that you are not in fault, your right of discount in the following years remains. Even damages caused to third parties whilst driving a car which is not your own are indemnified.

Protection against inflation is granted for car value appreciation during the validity period of the policy.

If you are confident in your driving skills, an insurance with a lower premium could be provided under an excess policy. After a car acident, the protection, towing and transportation costs of your car are covered. Not only the damages incurred by the people travelling together with you are also covered (death, permanent disability and medical expenses coverages). Discount is provided for full cash premiums payment. This policy allows you, if you wish, to use the services of the repair stations which have a special agreement with the company.

Definition of an Insured Car and the Extent of Cover

Motor vehicle (automobile) manufactured for the carriage of passengers on the roads. All kinds of audio communication and visual equipments installed on the vehicle are included under the extent of this definition, against an additional premium, provided they are mentioned in the policy.

Whilst travelling on a ferry, the vehicle is automatically insured if in the territorial waters, if in international waters, the vehicle is insured only if a foreign country additional coverage has been preliminary purchased.

This policy covers under its third party liability coverage section, the liabilities you may face, as the owner/operator of the car if used by others owner/operator and the liabilities arising out of your use of another vehicle where you are not the owner/operator(there must be however proofs under official documents).

As inception, payment in cash will provide you a deduction of 7.5%.

Comprehensive Household Insurance
Fire, lightning, explosion. Strike, lock-out, riot, civil commotion. Malicious acts, terrorism. Impact of vehicle and aerial devices. Indoor water damage, flood. Smoke. Fuel leaking. Theft. Loss of Rental Revenue. Temporary owelling costs. Fire legal liability. Storm, landslide, snow pressure, costs of removal of debris. These are the risks that threaten your home.

Comprehensive Household Insurance provides security!
Comprehensive Household Insurance policy insures your residential building and/or your belongings defined below against these risks causing direct or indirect material damages.

Furthermore, it covers the liability of the policyholder or that of the members of the family living together against third parties.

If requested, it also covers the risks of earthquake and glass breakage. Also if requested, it covers the damages caused by storm sustained by the TV, radio and satellite antenna and the solar collectors.

Unlike other insurances; if you insure the value of your home and your belonings at their new value, it allows you to replace your damaged object with a new one. At the years where no damage is sustained. It provides you with a discount premium payment running up to %30.

Definition of a Residental Building and the Extent of Cover

Residential building is described as full stone building, whose external and internal walls, floors and ceilings are made of noncombustible material such as concrete, stone, brick.

The scope of this definition includes all kinds of permanent installations inside and over the building and things complementing the building (such as roof) materials, chimneys, gutters and the like) and, provided that their building structure is of full stone type, annexes detached from the building such as garage, gardener’s lodge; garden courtyard and surrounding walls, fixed swimming pools and decorative ponds and cisterns; this definition however excludes the foundations, the supporting walls, the quays, the terraces, the piers and the things like statues outside the building.

The shared sections of the buildings subject to flat Ownership Legislation are also included under the cover within the above definition.

Definition of the Household Belongings and the Extent of Cover

Household objects and personal belongings in side the defined residential building pertaining to the policyholder and the members of his family or the persons living together with or of those serving the policyholder.

This coverage includes household objects and personal belongings existing in annexes such as garage and gardener’s lodge outside the building, provided that their building is of full stone type. All kind of motor vehicles, caravans, boats and building subject to flat Ownerhip Legislation are also included under the cover within the scope of the above definition.

Items not covered under this insurance: All kinds of cash, foreign currency, cheques, credit cards, ATM and similar cards, stamps not included in the stamp collections, share certificates, stocks, securities models, moulds, documents, manuscripts, unset precious stones, pearls and the like, gold ingots, bars and coins (with/out handle) and other precious metals.
Liability Insurance
A flower pot on your balcony may fall on your neighbours or on a pedestrian on the road or on a stationing car and cause injury or damage… Your servant helping you with the housework may spill something over your guest… While painting your home, your ladder may break and the painter using it may get hurt… You may cause some damage at the supermarket while shopping… Your child may break the window glass of your neighbour while playing ball… Your pet at home may hurt your neighbour or guest… While riding with your bicycle you may unintentionally hit somebody and hurt him. In sports activities of amateur interest you may unwillingly cause injury to other sportsmen as a participant to trainings and races…

Private Liability Insurance Provides Security!
Private Liability Insurance policy insures your family members and your environment for physical injury or damage incurred against all these risks.

Definition of the Liability Insurance and the Extent of Cover
Article 41 of Law of obligations states that “A person who by intention, negligence, indifference or improvidence causes damage and injury to somebody, has to compensate that damage or injury.” Private Liability insurance provides security to you as the head of the family, other members of the family and the persons you employ at home services, against the material damage or personal injury sustained as a result of negligence, improvident acts on the third persons. Moreover, you are also covered as an employer against the persons you employ at home, or persons entering your home for repair or maintenance. (Damage or injury caused as the result of intentional acts are not included in the coverage).

Critical Illness

It provides a lump sum payment (which would be specifed on the insurance policy) after any one of these conditions have been diagnosed, such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke and Organ Failure, etc. The money can be used however you like, to pay off any mortgage or debts, to pay for home help, adaptations to your vehicle, modifications to your home, or simply go on a ’round the world’ holiday. In fact whatever you desire. Everyone between the age of 18-62 could benefit from this insurance and insurance contracts might be signed on TL or foreign currency basis.

Travel Insurance
Available for short trips and extended stays in all over the world. It also covers international medical consultancy and assistance.Travel insurance is vital in case of medical emergency and/or in the event of loss or mugging.

Life Insurance
An annual insurance, which is payable in the event of death to the deceased’s estate or family. Life Insurance is available for a set term or for the whole of life, and is often used as part of a security e.g. mortgage, etc.

Personal Accident Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance policy insures you and loved ones against all these risks, that is against the results of direct and indirect accidents. Furthermore; Permanent Disability Compensation as a result of an accident, accidental death, medical treatment expenses as a result of an accident and daily allowances due to a temporary disability caused by an accident are also paid.

Medical Care Insurance
This insurance covers the health care expenditures, due to an illness or an accident. Everyone between the age of 18-64 could benefit from this insurance and different alternatives, responding to different levels of income, are available (Children under the age of 18) might be insured under the guardianship of their parents).

Retirement Insurance
This type of insurance covers the risks of death and permament disability within the period specified on the insurance policy (min 10 years). In the event of these risks it provides a lump sum payment or periodic income depending on wish. Everyone between the age 18-65 can benefit from this type of insurance and the cotract might be signed on TL or foreign currency basis.

Educational Insurance
This is a type of life insurance and it provides the continuation of children’s education in case of insured person’s death within the insurance period specified on the policy. Any parents or any relatives between the age of 18-65 could benefit from this insurance.