Product Liability Insurance

What is product liability?

Today, customer oriented services, user and consumer protection and human right standards have placed among primary goals of companies and countries. In consequence of combination of mass production service sector with automation in production process, there are a great number of claims probability caused by defective products in many sectors.

What is the liability originating from products?

Product-based claims which we often come up with in daily life may result from not only defective products but also misinformation on their use or not-mentioning dangerous adverse effects of products.

Who can be held liable?

According to EU Product Liability Law,

  • Manufacturers of end product, semi product and raw material,
  • Those who market the products of others under their brands or titles as if they produced these themselves,
  • Those selling the products producers of which are unknown,
  • Those importing products from out of the community to an EU-Member country.

According to Consumer Protection Law in Turkey;

  • Seller,
  • Dealer,
  • Manufacturer,
  • Importer

are jointly and severally liable against consumer for defective goods or all kinds of daamges caused by defective goods.

NART, applying Industrial Product Liability Insurance 20 years ago in Turkey the first time with its extended special conditions, is offering its knowledge with its experience for over 30 years and powers of its connections with international partners.

Our purpose is to bring the risk factors in activities of your enterprise in Turkey and around the world under control via our partners and over 20.000 risk managers in 108 countries economically and in way not to contradict with your profitability target.