Cyber Risks are Assured by NART

NART Risk Management Forum 2015 which was held fort he 11th time; this year covered the topic ‘Cyber Risks’ Management’ . NART who provides data security and cyber risks insurance up to 20 Million Euros for small and medium sized enterprises (SME) and up to 100 Million Euros for big businesses has held the meeting with the participation of a total of 9 global and local speakers in two panels conducted by German and Turkish Chambers of Industry Vice Chairman Mr. Steven Young, Turkish Informatics Association President Mr. Faruk Eczacıbaşı and Turkey Capital Markets Chambers President Mr. İlhami Koç in the National Reinsurance Conference Hall with more than 250 local and foreign participants.

As NART Insurance & Reinsurance Brokerage Inc we follow new threats the sectors have to face in this rapidly developing and changing World and expertise in the insurance products which can minimize these threats and continue to be the pioneer in acquiring these preventions in our country too.

The Cyber Risks are regarded as one of these threats that is of primary importance and is commonly faced in our day, constantly causing a threat.

In order to make good use of this awareness we impart this knowledge to all of our current and potential customers about taking the due precautions and how and under which conditions to take them for this unnegligible threat which can cause great damage, via our expert staff who are well versed in the risks that the leading European and USA companies face and they master the products of the insurance companies.

By increasing our knowledge and expertise on the protective measures to take against the Cyber Risks and many other newly discovered risks which are fairly risky, we will continue to protect your labor without facing a loss.